From Yekepa to Ganta: Stop #2

The (rough) City of Ganta

With the familiarity of Yekepa behind us, we traveled over two hours to the admittedly rough town of Ganta. Ganta seems to be one of those sorts of places where you feel slightly uncomfortable during the day, and once night falls, you should probably just stay indoors. We arrived at our hotel, the Alvino, and were met by Rachel, who informed us that “this was her palace.” We shall use that term loosely from here on out. The ‘palace’ was supposed to have 20 rooms reserved for us, all with working a/c, but due to “construction” (or so Rachel says) they only had 14 available, and only about half those had working a/c. The rooms themselves weren’t too bad, although some in our party did take issue with having to take a “bucket” shower (a bucket shower is when there is a large bucket, filled with water, sitting in the shower basin, and you take a smaller bucket, scoop the water out, and pour on to yourself… voila! a shower!). Most rooms even had one or two fans, which was great when they actually had the power turned on.

"Rachel's Palace," a.k.a. Alvino Hotel in Ganta, Liberia

The BUCKET Shower

Because we had more people then they had rooms, we had to send several of the dirt-bike squad guys back to Yekepa to stay at ABC. Continue reading

At ABC University in Yekepa, Liberia

(These blog posts are all after the fact, considering we basically ran out of internet after our first few days in Liberia. I had hoped to keep everyone up to date AS WE WERE GOING, but alas, as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men…)

Yekepa, Liberia


For many people in our group, I’ll bet that staying on the ABC campus was one of the highlights of our trip. It was pretty incredible to witness what God has done (and is doing) to restore their campus after laying in ruins for 15 years of civil war. We were told that when they first returned to the campus, after the war ended, the jungle had grown up so tall that they couldn’t see the buildings from the road. And whatever “buildings” WERE left, were completely destroyed and stripped of everything.

But, thanks to the Grace of God, and the generosity of others (primarily Samaritan’s Purse and The Grove), ABC in Liberia has, in crazy-fast fashion, rebuilt and restored ALL the original buildings AND are building several brand new facilities!

The New Chapel at ABC

The new Communications Building being built at ABC

However, as awesome as the campus is, and all the work that’s gone in to rebuilding it, what really stood out to us was… Continue reading