I’m a guy who essentially believes that the Way of Jesus is the Best Way… and that informs most everything about me.
I believe the Way of Jesus is the best way for hope, the best way for peace, for reconciliation, forgiveness, mercy and justice.
I believe the living out of love is one of the most important things a person can do, and Jesus shows us just how that might look.

I really enjoy asking questions. When it comes to theology and religion, I’m fascinated by the conversations that come up. I don’t fit into any mold or system, and while at times that can be super frustrating and lonely, most of the time it’s liberating and beautiful.

Generally I react against labels. I find them more distracting at times than actually helpful. That being said, by my conservative friends I am called “a flaming liberal.” And by my liberal friends I am called a “staunch conservative.” Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! But I tend to find myself at home with more progressive thinkers, people who don’t just accept what Christianity has told them for the past few centuries. People who dare to read the Text and allow their own beliefs to be challenged. People who hold their beliefs with an open hand, always knowing that the Transformative Power of Christ could at any time MOVE you from one place to another (and God help us if we refuse to move!).

I have been a Pastor for overĀ 10 years, helping to lead worship, build arts ministries, and teach the Bible in churches in Oregon, Arizona, and California. Currently my wife and I have begun a new adventure, joining the ranks of those crazy people called “Church Planters.” We have partnered with some incredible people to start Sojourn Grace Collective, San Diego’s Progressive Christian Church.

In addition to building a church together, Kate and I build humans. We’ve built four boys thus far; Zeke (10) Tai (8), Jae (5), and Huck (3).

Why God saw fit to give me the BEST woman and the BEST boys, I’ll never know… but thank you anyways.

Kate and I

Kate and I


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