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Entering the Blogosphere…


Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time…

About five years ago, after my wife created one, I decided to join the fray and create a MySpace page. I dug it for about a year, adding pictures and videos… posting a blog entry or two… leaving comments and ignoring comments… etc. After about a year, the “last visited page” number grew from a few days ago, to a few weeks ago, and so on… the joy was gone.

I gave up on the whole “social-networking” thing, and went back to reading books.

Then the Facebook craze took off… MySpace was relegated to teens and pre-teens, while the “mature” crowd moved on to the cleaner, simpler, more elegant and user-friendly Facebook. Again, I put it off. Figuring I’d end up just creating an account, post a few things, then let it collect cyber-mold.

And, again, my wife jumped in and started networking it up.

Then, I noticed person after person at my home church creating an online community on Facebook. And the thought occurred to me, “If I’m a Pastor, ministering to the people, and all the “people” are on Facebook, what ought that mean?” Ergo, I went to the people.

I’ve been enjoying the fruits of social-networking for two years now, and I can honestly say that many of my “real-relationships” have been strengthened as a result of it.
I also experienced something interesting… I’m a big fan of American Idol, and this past season I decided to do a week by week evaluation of the performances, and post them on my Facebook, inviting all my friends to comment and interact. It turned out to be a big hit (for like 25 people… but still!), and it got me thinking: if people are interested in what I have to say about American Idol, might they be interested in other things as well? What if I finally created a blog (after thinking about it for 3 years) and had a place where my voice was added to the mosh-pit of the inter-web?

So, it has been done. I welcome you to colbymartin.wordpress.com

Here, I will primarily be blogging about all things related to worship, theology, and pop-culture.

I hope you come back and visit often, and interact when you have something to say.

Stay tuned for blogs on topics such as:
–  Why Gran Torino was a Fantastic Movie
–  Finally reading the Twilight Saga…
–  The Best TV Show You’ve Never Seen
–  Why I Change the Lyrics to How Great Thou Art
–  I’ve Got a Case of Upgrade-itis
–  Ecumenism within Worship
–  Favorite New Gadgets
–  And More

Thanks for reading.

cMart, out.

Showing my son how NOT to climb a rock wall

Showing my son how NOT to climb a rock wall

3 Responses to “Entering the Blogosphere…”

  1. Kathy Mahaffy

    Congratulations, Colbus!

    I am glad that you’ve started this blog, especially since I can’t discuss these things with you on a somewhat daily basis anymore. But I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts, digesting them, and then responding (or not).

    Are those twitter postings on the right YOUR posts? If so, props to you for admitting that you watch Big Brother! If you really do watch, then let’s discuss the show…if not, then let’s discuss all of the heathens that do! (Maybe I’ll come out of the reality show closet as well…oops, I think that I did)!

    Bless you and yours,


  2. Natalie

    Hey Colby,
    Big fan of your FB Idol notes (one of the 25!) so I’ll plan to be a fan of your blog, too.

    I’m eagerly awaiting your post on Twilight – I was just peer pressured into reading the first one myself, so my curiosity if piqued about your opinion.

    See ya!


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