Good thoughts Colby!

I’m thinking that what you are calling a ‘legit’ view is what the Bible generally calls humility. Except that in our culture we equate humility with the low view of oneself – “I am just a worm” (or wimp or miserable sinner, or whatever) But that’s not true humility, that’s shame.

In my experience, it is the ‘lateral’ focus that actually leads to too-low or too-lofty view of self. Comparing ourselves with other people leads to pride or to shame. It breaks down relationships and sets us against each other.

If we have more of a God-focus (and see our identity defined by that relationship) we know we are loved, and can love our neighbor as ourselves from that perspective.

Since you shared this at a men’s group – (and I share a similar message to women on a regular basis) – I wonder if the way we tend to compete and compare ourselves is somewhat different for women and men – and how we act when we get too high or too low.