Thank you for a fine post. I’m a part of a group that has been gathering annually to consider how Girard’s discoveries enlighten and reshape our theology and discipleship. The group is called Theology and Peace, and our 2012 meeting will be in Baltimore, June 5-7. I hope you will visit our web site and join us. .

James Alison has been one of our speakers. In light of the photo you posted from New York, you might be interested in these words from a talk he gave in 2006:

“…If you want to know what I mean by a category mistake, take a look at a picture of poor Private England and her dog on a leash and the pile of humiliated male prisoners in Abu Ghraib. Then look at a picture, taken almost the same week, of two women walking down the steps of Boston City Hall waving a marriage certificate. Ask yourself: to which of these two images does the biblical category of “Sodom” rightly apply?” (from Is It Ethical To Be Catholic?

Tom Nicoll