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If you love Jesus, MUST you hate religion?

So, you’ve probably seen it. This video where the spoken-word poet talks about loving Jesus but hating religion. I’ve watched my FB blow up with people sharing this, and tried to avoid it just because… but I decided to watch it today.

If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Since this IS my blog, and all, here are my thoughts on it (as you read this, picture me standing somewhere cool, looking in to a camera, attempting to do “spoken-word.”)

So I see that this video has been going around,
tickling peeps ears with the spoken-word sound.
Almost 7 million views of this one video,
and so to stay relevant, to YouTube I go.

Watch it and listen, is what I just did,
but honestly it left me slightly sordid.

Was Jesus REALLY anti-Religion?
Or just anti the purchase of a temple-sold pigeon…
I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive
in the same sort of way that the this dude on YouTube did.

Jesus was angered by EMPTY religion,
seeing the poor and the hurting who lived in,
the time when God’s people were called out to bless,
but they cared for their purity and said “to hell with the rest.”

I guess what I’d rather this poet had done,
was emphasize Jesus as being the one,
who said, There IS a religion in the Kingdom of Heaven,
See for yourself… James 1:27.

This video creates false dichotomies,
but since it’s done real pretty we say “yes please!”
Before you click ‘share’ and repeat this sensation,
perhaps in your status place this iteration:

“In Jesus I’ve found the way of truth, love and peace
A religion that offers a hope for all things.
In Jesus we seek no hypocrisy,
cause THAT is what drove this Teacher crazy.”

Not “religion.”

(or something like that…)


8 Responses to “If you love Jesus, MUST you hate religion?”

  1. Jeff

    Colby, Yes! Thanks for your thoughts on this. I don’t think I can agree more.

  2. kirsty martin

    religion |riˈlijən|
    the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods
    • details of belief as taught or discussed
    • a particular system of faith and worship
    • a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance

    I don’t know how to word my thoughts as eloquently as you have, but here is what I have to say: first off, I like your thoughts here. There are some points this guy makes, like “there’s a problem, if people only know you are Christian by your Facebook” that I would agree with. but as a whole, I agree with you “In Jesus I’ve found the way of truth, love and peace, A religion that offers a hope for all things. In Jesus we seek no hypocrisy, cause THAT is what drove this Teacher crazy.”

    and as a side note, by the “details of belief as taught or discussed” part of the definition, would that make this video religious in some way? Here we are discussing the details of our beliefs taught in this video, right? :)

    Anyway, there’s more brewing around in my head, but not yet fully formed. thanks for your thoughts.

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