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Lent, Art and Tattoos

I like the season of Lent.

I like art.

I’m not a huge fan of tattoos, really. But I am a fan of my good buddy, Scott Erickson.

Scott is the Artist in Residence for Ecclesia Church in Houston, TX, pastored by Chris Seay. And for Lent this year, Chris did something pretty insane, ballsy, and unimaginably original: he invited people from his church to get tattoos for Lent.

Ecclesia wanted to put together a Stations of the Cross Art Exhibit to help their community engage with the season of Lent. But instead of Scott just painting images and hanging them on a wall, he created a series of 10 art pieces to be used as tattoos. Tattoos that the people of Ecclesia would actually get inked, and then use the images of their newly tatt’d skin as the art installation for the Stations of the Cross.

Yes, it’s crazy.

Crazily creative!

Even crazier, 50 people responded and went through with it!

And now they have an amazing art installation for their Stations of the Cross. It is called Cruciformity: Stations on Skin.

Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Thanks Scott, and Chris, for pushing the boundaries. Even if I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole “asking people to get inked for Jesus” thing, I applaud HOW you did, WHY you did, and THAT you went for it.

Well done! And, like always Scott, your work is AMAZING!

Scott Erickson with his Stations Tattoo

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