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To This Day Project: Anti Bullying

If you do anything today, watch this video.

It is matchless in its artistic expression, its collaborative creativity, and its beautiful message.

If you are a parent, I implore you that you don’t ever assume “my kid wouldn’t ever bully another kid.” We can’t just assume that if we raise our kids well then they won’t taste the sweet nectar of lording it over others. No, we must be pro-active in our messaging that every kid has worth, has value. That every life is beautiful. We must teach our kids to love the unlovely. But more importantly, we must show them.

We must never “accidentally” be bullies ourselves.

They must never see us treat anyone like less than they deserve.

We really can end the epidemic of bullying. But parents, don’t you dare for a second think that a school program, or a teacher, or a principal will make it happen.

It starts (and ends) with us.

To This Day from To This Day on Vimeo.


Visit the folks who put this together over at www.tothisdayproject.com

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