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From the Archives: Love God, or Love Spouse?

Statistically speaking one of my most popular posts of all time was written back in February of 2012. It seems about every month I get traffic to this blog from people who Google for some sort of help discerning the connection between our love for God and our love for the people we love.

So for today I want to point some of me new readers back to this post.

Even though it was three years ago I think I still stand by most of what I said then. I’m sure I’d want to nuance it a bit, but that’s just normal me. Critiquing and wanting to make something better.

So I’ll just leave it as is.


Here’s how the post started out…

A month ago or so I received this question from a college student:

“Do you love God more than you love your wife? If so, how do you do that?”

Read my response and the rest of the post here…


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