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(This page is an archive of old sermons and videos. I’ll leave them up for now, for nostalgia. But for more recent Media content from me and my church, visit our Sojourn Stories page)

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(to stream or download the .mp3, go here)

(Click here to watch a larger/better version at Vimeo: You Shall Call Him… Ishmael?)
I believe Genesis 16 offers profound implications for how we relate to God, how we relate to others, and how God relates to us. Watch and listen to the story of Hagar and see if you feel the same.

(Click here to watch a larger/better version at Vimeo: Hidden for Ages)
Paul, writing to the church in Ephesus, revealed to them what God had kept hidden for ages… that God had been planning all along to invite the Gentile people in to his family. But what does that look like, and what does it mean for us?

(Click here to watch a larger version at Vimeo: Are We Really Out of Exile from Colby Martin on Vimeo.)
The Prophet Zechariah was speaking to Israelites who had just returned home after 70 years of Exile in Babylon. What was God saying to Israel through the words of Zechariah then, and what is God say to us NOW through both the ‘words’ of Zechariah AND the ‘works’ of Jesus?
I delivered this sermon at The Grove on Sunday, March 14 of 2010 (pardon the audio artifacts that randomly show up in the first few minutes… they’re annoying, but they go away)

Tell the Old Story, Sing a New Song from Colby Martin on Vimeo.
Sunday, July 5th, I got the privilege of doing the morning teaching at The Grove (www.thegroveaz.org). Speaking from Psalm 98, I helped to describe Biblical Worship. This was also the first morning that we incorporated dance into our worship gathering. At the end, you’ll see Natalie Voyles telling the story of God through dance while Amy Zurowski sings “How Great Thou Art.”


(For a larger, better version, watch at Vimeo here: Exploring Lighting & Video in Worship)
For one of my classes at Fuller Theological Seminary, I chose to do a video for my final project where I explore the different uses of lighting and video within the context of corporate worship. Interviewing several local worship leaders and experts in the field, my findings where encouraging and convicting.

Focus on Worship from Colby Martin on Vimeo.
It can become easy sometimes to focus on the wrong things during worship on Sundays… the band leader, the music, the lights, etc… On this particular Sunday at The Grove, the band will lead some music from the back of the auditorium, in an effort to “re-focus” our worship on Christ. This video set up that moment.


These four songs were part of an EP I put together a couple years ago to raise money for a trip to Liberia, Africa.

A live recording of a song called “How Long” that I wrote for my Liturgy of Doubt service.

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